Offering precision robotic prop rigging for tabletop productions, including turntables, model movers, and custom rig design.


Specializing in on-set rigging using a custom-built kit of motors and motion components, along with traditional rigging techniques, to produce smooth, repeatable shots.

The kit has been developed over nearly a decade of research and iteration, using precision industrial- and laboratory-grade components.

These rigs can produce many of the same tabletop shots as large camera robots, at a lower cost and with less disruption to the shoot workflow.

New rigs and capabilities are always in development, so please get in touch to discuss your upcoming project or rigging needs.

Selected work

Jewelry motion—all shots on black & backlit white. Client: Tiffany & Co.
Director: Thomas Legrand
DP: Jean Poisson
Prop Stylist: Molly Findlay

Perfume bottle & shadow motion. Client: Tiffany & Co.
Director: Richard Burbridge
DP: Peter Szollosi
Prop Stylist: Makoto Aoki

Turntable & product spins Client: Tom Ford
Director: Richard Burbridge
DP: Tristan Sheridan
Prop Stylist: Jason Gledhill

Turntable & product spins Client: Clinique
Director: Matthew Chaves
DP: Tristan Sheridan
Prop Stylist: Lesley Feipel